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Are you looking to secure Agency Representation?
Are you going to an Acting Convention and want an Edge?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you need to know WHY it's critical to have the
perfect Monologue. What makes the perfect Monologue... you ask?
 Maybe a better question would be... What is the perfect Monologue for you?

Whether you are auditioning for an Agent in their office or going to an Acting Convention and auditioning for numerous Agents at once, you must have a strong audition piece that Showcases your strengths and doesn't show your weaknesses. And when that piece is one they haven't heard 10 thousand times... all the better.

There's not a lot of good material out there, and what is... isn't perfect for everyone. What may be a great monologue for your classmate, may be horrible for you. If Comedy is your top strength... then don't do a dramatic piece. If you can't sing... don't try to at your audition. If you are gifted with the ability to do lots of voices... then do a piece that has lots of character opportunities. See where we're going with this?
What makes us so sure about this? It's simple. RESULTS. N8 Talent has written/coached material for Actors who have secured Agency Representation from one end of this country to the other. Not sold yet... How about this? There are several Hollywood Agents that use our material in their offices for cold reading new talent. Need more? Ok... How about if I told you that N8 Talent clients have won Top Honors at every Major Acting Convention in America. Yep! iPOP, IMTA, Millie Lewis AMTC, THE, Talent Rock... and in ALL age divisions. Because they went in well prepared, with great original material and Crushed it!

More often than not, Agents hear the same old material... over and over. Performed the same old way. Bottom Line... When you go into an Agency Audition with something fresh that they've never heard, and you knock it out of the park... chances are... you just impressed an Agent.

And doesn't it make sense with all the time, money and blood-sweat-and-tears you put into this business to make sure you have the right Monologue when the times comes that you really need it?

N8 Talent auditions thousands of people every year, and we constantly see performances by people that just don't fit them. Either it's not age/audition appropriate, it doesn't fit the talent's personality, it's above or below their skill set, etc... etc. And we hear the same thing being said by every major Agent, Manager and Casting Director we talk to.

So if you're interested in having great, affordable original material, written by the top Audition Coaches/Monologue Writers in the game, shoot us an e-mail at: info@n8talent.com , and we will set up a time to talk. (References Available upon request.)

All Custom Material (Monologues, Scenes and commercials) for clients includes. Pre-writing interview, Material, Audio track for practice and a Coaching session. (Either in studio or via Skype.)